Story of Kylä

Tapiola's Neighborhood Eatery

Ky(l)lä! When we noticed a corner in  the historic bank building in central Tapiola was available, it was time to realize our dream of founding a neighborhood eatery for Tapiola's people. 


Markku Mikkola


Having grown up in Tapiola, I wanted to found here the kind of easy-going but delish neighborhood eatery that I had longed for during the years. With me on this journey, I got a bunch of other old Tapiola folks. 

For me, Tapiola is mix of functionalist architecture and greenery. The rumor has it it was named after a  Finnish folktale of "Tapio" - the guardian of the forests, and like him my inspiration comes from nature and the environment. I wanted to create a simple and relaxed eatery inspired by the nature to this old, functionalist centre - where warmth is brought by friends from the neighborhood.

Farms & Producers

Food from near by

We work with small, Finnish farms and producers, such as Wanhantuvan Ankkala,  Korpikarju, Sikkatalu, and Leppälän Luomutila. From time to the, the cherry on top may be hand-picked from the nature by Markku himself. 

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Neighbourhood Eatery Kylä


Tue - Sat 4-11pm 

Tapiontori 3

Tapiola, Espoo


p. 045 2769596

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